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Sodium silicate

Concrete hardener waterproof, fireproof protection

  • Protective coating for hard surfaces. Apply with a hard brush or diluted.


Available in 1L

Instructions for use

  • To smooth or harden cement, mortar, plaster, concrete, wood….
  • As a waterproof protection for wood, cement, plaster, slabs…: apply 3 layers of the mix (2:3 of sodium silicate + 1/3 water).
  • As a fireproof protection for wood and exterior wooden surfaces: ½ sodium silicate + ½ water.
  • Other usage: to stick cardboards, papers.
  • To wash sheep wool: do a test first on a small surface. 

Additional Information

  • Follow exactly the directions and secure lid firmly straight after each use. Keep away from the reach of children

Center anti-poison : 01 40 05 48 48

Dangerous, observe the precautions

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