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Black soap with linseed oil

Cleans, degreases, cleans and polishes all soils

  • Black soap is one of the oldest know
  • Since antiquity, it is used for all sorts of cleaning
  • We make our soap from Flax Oil, with many virtues
  • A nutritional role, drying, penetrating water repellent
  • Based soaps such sweet oils, known in the soap, detergent have good qualities and are easily soluble in water


Existe en 1L et en 5L

Instructions for use

He cleans the house to the garden

  • All floors and surfaces: tiles, parquet, marble, linos, slabs, tiles, ceramics, wood, leather, plastic-coatings, windows ...
  • Cuisine: remove stains of grease on the baking sheets, hoods, ovens ...Garden tools ...
  • Biodegradable more than 90%

Using stars (tips)

  • 2 tablespoons per 5 gallons of hot water.
  • Can be used pure on the spots.


Additional Information

Keep out of reach of children.

In case of contact with the eyes, rinse thoroughly with clear water and contact a GP if there is any itching.

In case of indigestion, contact a GP.

Do not mix with food. Keep away from frost and heat.

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