Metal degreaser

Substitute of thichlorethylene for ironworks, mecanics, DIY, tools.

  • To clean and protect all metallic pieces and tools: iron, cast iron, bronze, chrome, pewter, engine blocks, clutch, car bodywork, chains, steel
  • Does not damage any painted surfaces. Removes all traces of asphalt and dirty oil on bodywork


Available in 1L et en 5L

Instructions for use

  • Apply degreaser with a paint brush, brush, sponge or cloth, or soak. Leave for a few minutes. Rinse thoroughly the part with clean water then leave to dry before next use.
  • To protect metal against rust, apply some ONYX vaseline oil on the clean metallic part.


Precautions for use

Follow exactly directions and secure lid firmly straight after each use. Keep away from the reach of children.

Index card of data of safety on
Center anti-poison : 01 40 05 48 48