Paint, varnish, resin cleaner graffiti remover, tool grease remover

  • Non-flammable. Biodegradable. Efficient on all surfaces
  • This product is a dissolvent (not a thinner)
  • It can be used on warm surfaces. It dries quickly without leaving any marks.
  • Plant based active agents and aqueous organic solvents


Available in 1L

Instructions for use

  • Replaces petroleum type solvent like white spirit.
  • Ecosolvent cleans and removes paint and graffiti. It easily cleans fresh and old paint, acrylic, varnish, polyurethane, resin marks…
  • It eliminates tough marks, such as graffiti, on all surfaces, smooth and a little porous.
  • It removes tar spots on wheel rims and can be used as a degreaser for metallic parts and tools: iron, cast iron, bronze, pewter, chrome, wood, aluminium, bodywork, chains…
  • Shake well before use. Apply with a cloth, brush, spray or soak. In case of difficult stains, leave for a few minutes and repeat the process.
  • Can be used neat or diluted with 20% water on all metallic, plastic surfaces depending on the level of dirt or the fragility of the product to be cleaned. Rinse the tools out with clean water.


Precautions for use

Keep away out the reach of children.

In case of contact with the eyes, rinse thoroughly with clean water and see a GP if the risk of irritation remains.

In case of indigestion,  see your GP. Do not mix with food.  Protect from frost and heat.

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