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Paint solvent

Powerful cleaner for paint equipment

  • This powerful paint equipment cleaner is also called ‘solvapaint’ and is ideal for cleaning all painting tools (brushes, rolls, grills and containers) which are not regularly cared for and covered with dry cellulosic or synthetic paints, spray, varnish or mastics
  • Solvapaint also removes stains from paint, spray, varnish, fresh or dry mastics on tiles, rubber and vinyl floors, wood, windows and synthetic carpets


Available in 1L et en 5L

Instructions for use

  • Directions to clean painting equipment : soak several times in the solvapaint then dry with a cloth.
  • To clean dry brushes and rolls : soak for several minutes (max 45 min) then dry with a cloth.
  • To use as a stain remover : do a test first, dab an impregnated cloth then wash and rinse.

Additional Information

Follow exactly the directions, secure the lid firmly straight after each use and keep away from the reach of children.

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