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Scrub/ remove grease

Chlorhydric acid 23%

Limescale remover, abrasive solution, pH regulation


Paint, varnish, resin cleaner graffiti remover, tool grease remover

Metal degreaser

Substitute of thichlorethylene for ironworks, mecanics, DIY, tools.

Methylated spirit 90°

Fuel, cleaner, stain remover, disinfectant

Odourless petroleum

Metal degreaser

Oil c

Dry cleaning, grease and stain remover

Oxalic acid

Polyester and wood cleaner - Oxalic acid 99/100%.

Paint cleaner

For paint tools and guns

Soda washing solution

Wash and scrub

Sulphuric acid

To fill batteries, abrasive solution

Tar remover

Solvent exclusively for DIY

Washing and degreasing professional

For washing the floor to ceiling