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Ardéa includes today the following brands: Onyx, Onyx Auto, Onyx Biotech, Forx Droguerie, Forx Auto, Siam and Forever.

All these brands are distributed through a sales force which covers the whole of France, purposely located near the largest distribution centres.

The ONYX brand is an established product range meeting all DIY needs that will help you to solve all your daily troubles: from stain removal, maintenance, cleaning, disinfection to grease removal and more...

The Onyx Biotech products have been developed to respect the environment and as a substitute to traditional DIY and cleaning products.

Forx is the cleaning product specialist combining both efficiency and ecology. The products are totally biodegradable and formulated on vegetal extracts.

Forx auto and Onyx Auto offer, among others, cooling liquids, car glass and car cleaning products, particularly efficient and available both in the ecological and traditional range.

The SIAM product range is aimed at passionate gardeners and contributes to improving the comfort of your outdoor living.

Ardéa has also established itself as a leader for Private Label products in conditioning more than 60 million liters per year.  It creates the graphic identity for major supermarkets brand products, it guarantees reactivity and flexibility during production and implements a global logistic approach.