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Alcohol free fire lighter

Odourless BBQ and fireplace lighting

  • To lit BBQ and chimneys without and danger


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Instructions for use

  • Put a layer of charcoal in the BBQ. Pour delicately the liquid on the charcoal
  • Seal the container
  • Wait for a few seconds and fill up the BBQ with charcoal in taking care of not switching off the flame
  • Wait around 15 minutes to obtain the ideal cooking temperature

Additional Information

Follow exactly the directions. Secure lid firmly straight after each use and keep away from the reach of children.

ATTENTION : do not throw the product in the fire nor the empty packaging.

Centre antipoison France: 01 40 05 48 48

MSDS available on the website www.quickfds.com : identify yourself, enter ARDEA as Supplier (no password), validate and then enter the name of the product or its barcode.
Poison Control Centre:

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