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Chlorhydric acid 23% unblock

Limescale remover, abrasive solution, pH regulation

  • To remove limescale and scrub metals
  • To clean cement, fur, fungus on tiles
  • To renovate outdoor marble and stonework
  • To unblock pipes and toilets
  • To balance the high pH level of waters in swimming pools
  • Do not use on stainless steel


Available in 1L, 5L et 20L

Instructions for use

  • To scour and remove limescale on metals : 4 parts water + 1 part of acid
  • To clean cement, limescale, fungus on tiles : 4 parts of water + 1 part of acid
  • To restore outdoor marble, oxidised copper and stonework : 4 parts of water + 1 part of acid
  • To unblock pipes and toilets: use neat, never mix acid : caustic acid, soda washing powder

To lower the pH level by 1/10, add 0,1 L of chlorhydric acid for 30m3 of water
the amounts are an indication only and should not replace the dosage of the water in the swimming pool, each type of swimming pool having its own characteristics for the dosage

Please refer to the chart of acid volumes in litres to bring the pH level to 7,6

Additional Information

Follow exactly the directions, secure lid firmly straight after each use. Keep away from the reach of children.

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