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Washing up liquid

Ecologic, removes grease and shines in one movement, leaves soft hands

Usage The FORX ECOLOGIC washing up liquid removes grease and shines in one movement while keeping your hands soft. Highly concentrated, only a few drops are necessary to wash 4 to 6 plates.
  • Food contact permitted.
  • Pleasantly fragranced, easily and very quickly biodegradable, it provides complete safety.
  • Characteristics

    To be available in 500ml

    Instructions for use

    • Pour a few drops of liquid for about 5 litres of clean hot water.
    • Leave to soak and rinse with clean water.

    Additional Information

    Recommendations Keep away from the reach of children. In case of contact with the eyes, wash thoroughly with clean water.  

    Non-hazardous product.

    MSDS available on the website www.quickfds.com : identify yourself, enter ARDEA as Supplier (no password), validate and then enter the name of the product or its barcode.
    Poison Control Centre:

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