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Operation from January 15 to March 31 in the French DIY stores

Domestic vinegar - natural - apple - lemon

The Baking Soda

The stone

Demineralized water

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The multipurpose stone

Come and discover our guide of uses of stone in our multi-purpose tips.

The multipurpose stone (clay) is an all-purpose cleaner for hard surfaces and water washable which can replace your household products.

The advantages are many of the stone, it does not contain chemical products, its action is effective in cold water, it does not attack the skin and does not intoxicate your home.

It is often called "Pierre money" "Spanish White" "White Stone" "Peter Clay."

New website

Ardea acquires a new website dedicated to professionals DIY but also partly to the general public.

For better readability, the site is bilingual.

Ardéa's strategy is now to position itself as one of the top international distributors of domestic chemical products.

From the homepage, it is now possible to access the news and new features offered by Ardea.

Information quickly by clicking on contact us.

Main novelty of this site: A simple catalog to see tips and fact sheets.


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