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Oil F

Dry cleaning, remove grease and stains

  • To remove oil marks, tar on metal and horsehair surfaces


Available in 1L et en 5L

Instructions for use

  • To remove butter, oil, gravy, ink on natural, synthetic and artificial textiles : do a test first, remove any excess, dab with an impregnated cloth
  • To use as a thinner for silk paint
  • To remove grease, oil stains on metal : soak the small parts or apply with a brush then dry with a cloth.
  • To clean horsehair surfaces : scrub with a cloth impregnated of oil f. Then shine with a cloth with ONYX linseed oil.

Additional Information

Follow exactly the directions, secure lid firmly straight after each ease and keep away from the reach of children.

ATTENTION: do not use inn washing machines.

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