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Substitute of household alcohol

Powerful stain and grease remover, cleaner, leaving no residue

  • Thanks to its essential oils, removes grease, dirt and cleans in depth
  • Quick dry without any marks, generates a pleasant natural fragrance of essential oils
  • Desodorizes
  • Contact with food permitted
  • Micro blend of pure essential and natural oils made from plants
  • Biodegradable: 100% EEC/92/69 (1992), OCDE n°301B


Existe en 1L

Instructions for use

Active plant based components and aqueous bio solvents.

How to use

The substitute of household alcohol (alcohol 95° or superior acohol) cleans and revives any types of surfaces very efficiently: tiles, enamel, windows, kitchen work surfaces, white good appliances

(fridge, microware, cooker hoods, vitro ceramic hobs), plastic surfaces.

Ready for use or mixed with cold or hot water.

For cooker hoods, heavy stains : spray directly on the surface to clean or on a wet cloth. Leave for a few minutes, scrub if necessary and rinse. Rinse tools under clear water.

Additional Information

Keep out of reach of children.

In case of contact with the eyes, rinse thoroughly with clear water and contact a GP if the itching remains.

Keep away from frost and heat.

Détergences : aqua, alkyl polyglucosides, alkyl ether carboxylate, parfum.

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  • Perfume raw material, allergens