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Black soap with linseed oil

Cleans, degreases, cleans and polishes all soils

Black soap with olive oil

Nettoie, dégraisse, assainit, entretien, fait briller et enlève les taches

Caustic soda

Removes varnish and paint and unblocks drain pipes


Paint, varnish, resin cleaner graffiti remover, tool grease remover

Metal degreaser

Substitute of thichlorethylene for ironworks, mecanics, DIY, tools.

Methylated spirit

Fuel, cleaner, stain remover, disinfectant

Multi-purpose high pressure

Cars, motorbikes, wood, plastics, metals, floors, walls

Odourless petroleum

Metal degreaser

Odourless petroleum

Metal degreaser

Oil C

Dry cleaning, grease and stain remover

Oil F

Dry cleaning, remove grease and stains

Paint solvent

Powerful cleaner for paint equipment

Peint cleaner

For paint tools and guns

Professional Window Cleaner

3 in 1 multi surfaces - clean - degreases - shine

Rust remover

Rust stripper, remover