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Remove stains

Acetone remove

Glue and varnish solvent

Ammonia substitute

Cleaner : enamel, sinks, showers. Stain remover : textiles, rugs, carpets.

Carpet and rug cleaner

Ecologic, cleans thoroughly, does not alter fibres and colours even wool

Dry cleaning fabric stain remover

Substitute of trichlorethylène, quick an action for grease, oil, butter, gravy, ink, paint...

Express cleaner

Paint tools cleaner

Hydrogen peroxide 130 vol

Stain remover, whitening agent.

Pre-wash stain remover

Ecologic, for all white and colours textiles, even the most delicate textile

Substitute of acetone

Removes glue - ink – sticky tape marks

Substitute of household alcohol

Powerful stain and grease remover, cleaner, leaving no residue.